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For Making Sales Posts Handling Text First such posts dilute the fe. Second Lisa can write about anything. Example I’ve been lying down for the fourth hour and I can’t wait for the master. He is undergoing surgery now. make people beautiful. And very smart as you will know he studi at the Sorbonne. look  Can be mention in passing in a sales post. Readers will still notice that this doctor has a diploma from a prestigious university. Multiple case studies and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift.

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Choosing Tips ago a study by neuromarketers Antigua and Barbuda B2B List show that there was a slight increase in conversion rates if the text on interface buttons was written in the first person. That is for example instead of saying sign up the button says I’m going. Reception is a logical continuation of this trend. We can write texts that center on the reader’s ego.  is what I like. Here’s another example of how to use text. This is a burrito restaurant post. They introduce their recipes sauces and ingrients to fans. In the picture you can see a mug that says don’t talk to me until I finish a plate of chicken with rice black beans hot salsa cheese and guacamole. You read and found out what delicious ingrients are here. PLEASE NOTE The text on the post itself is very short as the main message is in the image.

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Tips We make jokes about who we sell to We’re Asia Email List not joking we’re just kidding. Usually due to the combination of text and pictures. How to write text make sales posts Tips for handling text As shown in the example An ironic post in the picture we broadcast an important message We have a wood burning oven look how beautiful the pizza is inside. We don’t put it into words. Readers themselves can read this information from the diagram. Example of the same type. The text of the post jok Should be able to throw pizza dough. The real pizza guy will catch him later too. But at the same time the pictures also show how the team works professionally. The same wood-burning stove is again in the.


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