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The phone to ask for details at the store The third phase of the customer’s touchpoint is product or service information presentation. Connecting with brands both offline and online and may try to use the product or service Make a purchase decision (Act) At this stage, customers are persuad by various information. that the brand has communicat to make customers interest and ask or search for information until it becomes a purchase decision At this stage, brands ne to always create good memories for their customers. of customers in this fourth phase is the purchase of goods or services online. or through the store and after sales service Support (Advocacy.

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When a customer becomes a brand loyal customer Namibia Email List who have receiv good experiences and memories from that brand Until repeat purchases and finally until the spread of the word to others to know Become a sponsor of that brand by default. As a brand itself, it is necessary to maintain the quality of products and services to meet standards. and always create a good experience so as not to let customers change their minds to find competitors TOWS Matrix is ​​a comparative analytical tool to choose the right strategy to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the company, such as higher sales.

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Increas profits TOWS Matrix is ​​bas Asia Email List on SWOT Analysis which is us for auditing and analyzing your business which is the first step of doing any business while TOWS Matrix is ​​the next business planning process. TOWS Matrix Proactive Strategy SO Strategies (Strengths and Opportunities) The first and foremost strategy is to use the company’s internal strengths. And make the most of the external opportunities available, such as your company being the first to emerge in AI technology.


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