4 Examples of Unprofitable Web Marketing Strategies

Let me explain the genesis of this article: in recent months, we have been contacted more than once by prospects who contacted us on webmarketing topics (management of their adwords campaigns, community management, setting up a blogs, etc.). for various reasons, we have had to direct our prospects towards other leads than those they were thinking of. i will explain why, so that you can identify some pitfalls of web marketing strategies. Webmarketing is only of interest if it is profitable our goal is to help companies recruit new customers on the web, and therefore increase their turnover. This implies that the budget spent on digital marketingmust be lower than the budget acquired by these same actions (otherwise, you might as well throw your money out the window.

Sometimes the Way Our Prospects Envision

Their web marketing strategy is not viable, and it must either be corrected or directed to other solutions than web marketing. Here are 4 scenarios that we have encountered, which fall into this configuration. Case n°1: a very limited webmarketing budget low budget invested = low results. The Taiwan WhatsApp Number List equation is cruel, but quite logical in itself… for it to work, a webmarketing strategy indeed requires: a short-term investment, for the installation of the strategy (for example: setting up a blog on a site, creation of profile pages on social networks, choice of the semantic universe and strategic keywords for natural referencing, adwords campaign settings.

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A Long-Term Investment

The animation of the webmarketing actions initiated eg: publication of regular content on the blog. Daily animation of the social networks, optimization of the advertising campaigns over the water, etc. A company in the agri-food sector with a small budget contacted us 2 months ago. Because it Asia Email List wanted to engage in short-term or very soft webmarketing. Saying to itself “it will be better than nothing”. Alas, that’s not so true, and we had to explain it to him. in most cases. The “long term” budget is far from being optional. As is a certain intensity in the strategy to be put in place. For what ? Because the results that can be hoped for in webmarketing. Are often only possible through perseverance and regularity.

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