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Accounting is a chore and it is in no way an end in itself: there is no accounting without economic activity. However, thankless as it is, accounting is a business management tool in addition to being an obligation. It requires a certain rigor so you might as well get started today. Adopt the method of reflex classification! In many start-ups and vs es, repetitive administrative tasks are often postponed until “later, when we have time” . it is also said that accounting is complicated. However, there is nothing worse than piles of documents piled up in various ways: a little on the desk, a little in the living room, at home. Especially the more documents accumulate, the more off-putting it can become to get to work.

Nothing Less Motivating than Having

To check through tons of emails to find the attachments that. Will justify the declaration to be made “for yesterday” or even having to spend an. afternoon scanning documents that you will have to classify by the following. Here is a simple message that you should remember: systematically. Classify your Medical Surgical Dental Equipments Email List papers and scan them as soon as possible if necessary! If you don’t want to do it every day: don’t worry about the paperwork every. Day but buy a cardboard and compartmentalized sorter, in which you file directly. By subject, by interlocutor or by recipient, all the ” incoming papers. Do the same on your computer with dedicated directories, to manage dematerialized documents. Arrived by email or invoices that you download.

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The Important Thing Is Habit

Which allows you to put away in the right place. In a single gesture. By doing this. You systematically make 50% of the administrative effort. You will still have to “process” the sorted items. Each month: reply to mail. Send invoices to the accountant. Declaration to be made. Payment Asia Email List to be issued. Purge every month if you don’t do anything on a day-to-day basis except centralizing all documents. You should schedule at least one half-day per month reserved for administrative management . already. Because you will necessarily have to declare your vat. You may not have this monthly obligation but nothing prevents. You from taking the reflex for when your activity develops.

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