Advertisers move away from bright

Unfortunately many advertisers still design creations in isolation from the whole, which results in banners that do not refer to the company’s website or its visual identity. For the recipient, this may lead to doubts: did I hit the creative with the cursor, or was it reirecte to the right page? Example below. deposit_photos_ad-001 The following campaign, promoting the safety of a child in a car, is an example of consistency, both in terms of visuals, colors and call-to-action.safe_car_seat Another example is the well-known company MailChimp. The attache banner is just a smaller version of the landing page it reirects to.mailchimp_banner_and_landing.

It is therefore worth analysing

The consistency of the ad and the landing page is important because it translates into a sense of security for the clicker. The user is assure that no attempt database was made to mislead him. In addition, it is easier for him to assimilate what is assume in the campaign when he does not perceive it in fragments. Simplicity is the key to success In the process of designing banners, colors and flashiness, focusing on transparency and minimalism. It is easy to overwhelm the Internet user with too much content, additionally presente in a chaotic and disorderly way.


It seems that simplicity

The information that the advertiser wants to convey will be more effectively assimilate if it is presente in an orderly manner. will remain a persistent trend in the Asia Email List near future. a few creations that seem to be the embodiment of this idea. The following Epson banner has nothing more than a good-looking photograph, short text, a logo and a well-chosen call-to-action. Of course, in the case of such a brand, high aesthetics is a must.

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