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In fact, that’s what it’s all about, but running a business is base on certain specific assumptions. We recommend Corporate communication in the age of content marketing Below you will find a list of currently popular business models. Perhaps one of them is the one that fits your company? Franchise – is base on granting a license to run a company under the same name. Crowdfunding – consists in financing obtaine from the community. Integrator – the company controls all aspects of the supply chain, advertising or marketing, which spees up operations and minimizes costs.

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Freemium – the service is free, but you can buy a better, paid version, as in the case of Youtube or Spotify. Discount – the company sells the same products as the competition, but cheaper thanks to savings at every stage of production and phone number list sales. Razor and Blade – the basic product is cheap, but you have to buy expensive accessories, which are the main revenue of the company. Experiences – the basic and even additional nees of customers in develope countries are already met. Hence, this model is base on selling experiences, not just a specific product for a restaurant it will be a pleasant interior.

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Status, group affiliation and cordial atmosphere, not just a dinner). Pay what You want – the customer pays for the item as much as he is able to. This strategy is popular on the web, where, for example, anyone can pay for an online lesson Asia Email List or listening to a song as much as they consider fair. Subscriptions – this type of activity, base on a regularly renewe subscription, is especially popular in the world of online entertainment today. Social business model – it is base on the fact that users publish a service that can be use, and the website only acts as an intermeiary in its implementation. From these, you can choose a model suitable for almost any activity.

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