Apps that Make Tourism Fun

For a weekend or a longer stay, we often want to discover a place with family, as a couple or with friends. To make the most of it, there’s nothing more fun than apps designed to make your life easier throughout your vacation. Here are a few… monument tracker: the detector of remarkable sites if you are an attentive and connected tourist, the “monument tracker” application will alert you each time you pass near a remarkable site, a facade, a museum or a listed monument. Each alert gives all the interesting information on the site (photos, maps, routes, texts and audio). The latest version of this application lists more than 56 tourist destinations in the world. Thanks to “monument tracker”, learn everything about the history of the remarkable sites around you.

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It offers an offline mode allowing you to use the gps to find your way around. So you can use it even without being connected to the internet. Tripomatic: the trip planner this smart app lets you explore a tourist destination, even if you don’t know what awaits you there. Simply select the places you want to visit, the activities and tourist attractions, the points of interest and the travel dates so that it helps you build a Finance Directors Email Lists schedule and a colorful discovery itinerary. It also allows to group monuments and activities to optimize the days of visit. Similarly, detailed maps and hiking models are available offline. This app is available for i os and android. Have fun with “track and treasure”! “track and treasure” is a fun application that offers treasure hunts around the heritage of cities, departments and regions of france.

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Sites of france in a fun way for 2 or 3 hours. For example, you can follow the ghosts of the latin quarter in paris or explore the forest and mediterranean coves in saint-raphaël. “track and treasure” is available on i os and android compatible. It is available for free on google play. Let yourself be guided by “mtrip” today there are many traditional travel guides that offer mobile applications to internet users. Mtrip makes the Asia Email List difference by offering not only rich and detailed content, but also personalized and shareable itineraries in european, asian and american metropolises. All you have to do is fill in the places you want to visit and this application will create a tailor-made tourist program. Running only on android, it offers more than 35 guides for major cities around the world.

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