Can You Really Work 7 Days a Week as An Entrepreneur

Ensuring the creation and growth of a business requires a very significant personal investment. Realization of a passion, a life project, a dream, the creative process is particularly absorbing. Great is the temptation to add up the hours of work to progress at a forced march. Is this the right solution? Not so sure ! Focus on a trap that lies in wait for all entrepreneurs and which can spell the end of the adventure. Passion: no need too much whatever the type of business to be created, the definition of the project and the studies it involves, the search for aid or an incubation or tutoring structure, the choice and filing of the statutes, the  search financing, the rental of premises, the purchase of equipment, the recruitment and search for partners.

the start of production or the marketing

Of the offer… are energy-intensive and the 24 hours of the day often seem insufficient. Too many young entrepreneurs throw themselves headlong into the adventure and spare neither their body nor their mind. It is for them to push mountains and to make a place for themselves in the sector where they have decided to express themselves. This passion devours, uses up energy and constitutes the surest path to weariness Outlook Email List and sudden abandonment. Know how to balance yourself: creating a business is a long-distance race that is not conducted at a pace of 400 meters. The omni-connection: the absolute trap the era of omni-connection considerably reinforces this permanent monopolization. The smartphone, connected day and night to the diary and the mailbox, brings good and bad news without discerning the moment.

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The Clear Delineation Between Working

Time and personal life, especially family life, is blurring. The phenomenon affects all executives and entrepreneurs and wreaks havoc on all those who do not know how to manage it properly. The young entrepreneur, still inexperienced, is, more often than others, exposed to the risk of breaking down and throwing in the towel for not having known how to manage his time. The body and mind of the entrepreneur are Asia Email List his first working tools. He must learn to spare them, better, to reinforce them in order to use them to the full at the right time. To do this, you must adopt the right reflexes, starting by deactivating unwanted alerts and not believing that you must absolutely respond within the minute to each request. 

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