Effective Advertising on Twitter and Facebook: How To Do It

Social media advertising orsocial adsis gradually developing and is no longer at the stage of “will it work? “. A real opportunity for the majority of companies, especially since the opening of twitter ads to all structures. The social media advertising panel is diversifying and consolidating, under the impetus of the two giants twitter and facebook. With this in mind, the ampush team brings us an infographic of best practices for twitter ads and facebook, specifically for mobile, e-commerce and travel applications. Key takeaways from this infographic: images have a significant impact on social users and therefore potential consumers of the brand. It is necessary to practice a real reflection around these, their clarity and their ability to speak for themselves with the targeted communication target. Great visuals will always catch the eye more than simple text.

Simplicity Always Wins out Over Big

The objective is to be as concise as possible to issue a value proposition in a short text and read in a few seconds by the social user. Internet users are in high demand on social platforms and the brand has only a tiny window of time to convince them to take action. The call to action (cta, or call to action) is essential Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List to drive a movement of commitment from the advertising target to the brand. Both in the text of the ad and through additional options (facebook and twitter offer to make ads adorned with various ct as to elicit action from social users). The call to action must be as natural as possible, so as not to seem like a frantic advertising race in the eyes of an internet user tired of endless promotions.

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Emotion Is a Driving Force for Most People

Beyond the technical considerations specific to social networks. We must not forget that the internet user behind his screen is a human. Being like you and me (yes, yes, i swear!) . This evidence highlights the idea that an emotion can arise from any type of advertising. And therefore for the communication Asia Email List target of an ad on facebook or twitter. All the emotional mechanics must be thought out upstream of this advertising. And offer exponential leverage for its development. Indeed, if each person, in addition to clicking on the ad, shares it with those around them. Its effectiveness can be increased tenfold. Targeting is one of the keys to a successful ad. Whether it’s on social media, google, or even on tv. Targeting well means being relevant for those who will be affected by the message.

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