What Is the Feeling of Commercial Pressure in Email Marketing Based on

An article published on behalf of our partner oracle marketing cloud, of which i invite you to find the white paper dedicated to marketing automation. Commercial pressure is one of the problems of modern marketing. Breaking with the advertising format, marketing is asserting itself as a medium, a means of informing the customer and helping him to make the right choice: we are moving away from the logic of selling at all costs to favor information and pedagogy. What is the feeling of commercial pressure in email marketing based on? A question of quality more than quantity yes, it is quite possible to send several newsletters per week, or even every day, without increasing the feeling of commercial pressure.

Some Contacts Will Even Be Interested in Receiving

An email notification for each new promotional offer, each new article published on a blog. In short, prospects have different needs , they are looking for specific content and will also be attracted by the orientation of the content they receive. Quality takes precedence over quantity, by sending him Sweden WhatsApp Number List the information he expects, a prospect will be more likely to agree to receive emails more frequently before feeling a communication pressure. In short, it is above all the consistency and quality of the content that you are able to send to your targets that will influence the feeling of weariness or even exasperation in some cases. Some fans or aficionados of a brand never tire of receiving almost daily communications from that brand to increase the quality of the relationship with your contacts.

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It Is Therefore Necessary to Approach

Your communication strategy with ambition, empathy and the desire to get into. The shoes of the personas you are targeting, in order to successfully develop a communication experience. Which will create brand attachment and desirability. Improve targeting and segment your campaigns the quality instrument in the emailings sent is of course targeting. But not only, it is not only a question of sending targeted information Asia Email List according to the habits and searches of prospects. In reality, we seek to provide him with the right content at the right time. By studying his background and his interest in the brand’s products or services as well as possible. There is no question of sending complete commercial proposals. To a prospect who is just discovering the brand and is looking for more educational or even fun content.

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