Force Employees to Go on Leave

One may wonder if it is legal to force certain employees to take their leave when there is little or no activity so that they are present during the busiest periods and do not put them down when you have need them. How do the holidays work? A possibility within the responsibility of the entrepreneur the basis remains that the organization of leave remains the responsibility of the employer. Basically, you are therefore able to impose the holiday dates that suit you. even if obtaining the agreement of your employee remains a basis of good manners and good understanding with your collaborators. In reality, an employee does not freely set his vacation dates, contrary to what one might think.

Quite Simply so That His Absence

Does not affect the proper functioning of the company. However, of course, you can’t do just anything and you have a duty to inform employees and be considerate and you must basically ensure at least 2 consecutive weeks of vacation once a year. Conversely, you cannot force him to take them Construction Email Address all at once. The labor code limits to 24 working days, i.e. 4 weeks, the 5th must thus be taken at another period. A minimum period of one month to respect if you want to impose leave, you cannot do it at the last minute and you must notify your employee at least one month in advance (unless exceptional circumstances arise) unless there is a company or establishment agreement, branch or a collective agreement.

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In Reality It Is Still Better to Foresee

This obligation if you do it much more in advance. If only so that your employees can go on vacation at a lower cost by planning their reservation. You can also decide on an annual closure of the company within. The same deadlines subject to consulting your works council or the staff representatives Asia Email List in their absence. If you have not informed your employees. They have the right to refuse. If you set a starting order if you decide to set a departure order. Certain criteria must be taken into account such as the employee’s family situation. Seniority and the employee’s activity with other employers. It should be noted that if the employer has the power to set the days off for his employees . this decision must not be decided by a collective agreement.

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