Honeycomb Scoring Mechanism

Remember that online consumers want social proof, and a high good review rating increases the strength of your store.Your goal here is to make shopping easy and fun for customers.

Brand contribution Brand contribution is about the impact of your store on Lazada in terms of overall customer experience and gross sales of the category you are in. Joining campaigns, challenges, awards and other special events are some of the ways you can increase your brand contribution. As well as taking advantage of Lazada’s leading campaigns, this is also a great opportunity to increase exposure and sales. 

Honeycomb scoring mechanism

After increasing your Honeyscore, the system will analyze and calibrate the new score. Traffic allocation depends on your overall Honey Score so make sure you meet each requirement. The additional whatsapp mobile number list increased traffic will take effect one day after the calibration process. 

As previously mentioned, newly uploaded items are only considered “new” within 30 days. So after uploading the item, check your honeyscore right away and upgrade accordingly to enjoy the improvement for a longer time.

This factor measures how popular a product is on Lazada by Keyword, Brand and Category. Optimize your product descriptions, key attributes, and even your overall store appearance to encourage return visits.

Benefits of honeycomb score

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The main goal of the Honeycomb Score is for sellers to get a lift when launching a new product. As previously mentioned, launching is just as complex as maintaining existing items.

Increasing your Honeyscore requires additional traffic to your product. Higher search traffic means stronger brand or product visibility on Lazada.”

The Honeycomb Score parameter is at the shop level, so when you increase your Honeycomb score, you also increase your Shop Performance.

Product History refers to how your newly launched products relate to your existing products. Make sure you enter the correct Asia Email List item category to ensure accurate product information. Also, duplicating listings is strictly prohibited and may result in product lockout.

The duplication policy covers two or more listings that have no significant differences and intentionally duplicates listings with the intent to spam and confuse buyers.


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