How to Act in The Event of A Disaster

Disasters don’t just happen to others. They can force you to face particularly difficult and delicate situations that require self-control and your stress. It does not only mean material damage but rhymes with setbacks, anxiety, annoyances, loss of profit and customer grievances. How can we best manage this trying period, which is by definition unexpect? A disaster causes damage within your company which must result in compensation from your insurance if you have made the necessary arrangements beforehand. This can be a flood, a fire, theft, an accident on a construction site, bodily injury… you have to know how to manage material damage and work accidents but also the morale of your employees, and yours, by recognizing that you are going through a period of crisis.

Specific Measures to Take Into Account

Each claim corresponds to specific measures to be taken into consideration before the implementation of the administrative procedures. In the event of water damage, for example, certain measures of necessity and common sense are requir such as turning off the water supply, examining where the leak is coming from and trying to stop it as best you can before the arrival of a technician. With regard to theft, the filing Design Directors Managers Email Lists of a complaint is compulsory, with the gendarmerie or the police station in order to then be able to operate your insurance. Keep the original which will be given to you. you will be asked for it by your adviser. When a natural disaster occurs, you must put in place the prevailing safety and precautionary measures. You should also take special care when returning to the scene.

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In All Cases Emergency Works Are to Be Implemented

To alleviate the worsening of the situation. After which an estimate is request from professionals to begin the structural work and the repairs. If the loss depends on your professional civil liability, you must get in touch with an adviser from your insurance as soon as possible to defend your case. He will accompany you in the constitution of a file. Find out what liability regime the claim depends on? When a loss occurs, the contractor Asia Email List must consider its nature to determine the liability regime that comes into question in the specific case. Is it damage caus to a third party by fault, inadvertence or lack of rigor? In this case, it is the guarantee of professional civil liability that comes into play. Is it a claim that depends on the defective products regime.

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