How to Prepare for The Extreme Cold

The period of great cold should not be long in coming. If it is difficult to predict if it will really take place this year as the years follow one another but are not alike, companies are beginning to provide solutions for their employees. What are the main measures adopted? A brief reminder of the obligations for the employer article l 4121-1 of the labor code provides that the employer is required to “take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the health of its employees”. It therefore applies to extreme cold. Beyond this article, articles r 4223-13 and following of the labor code speak expressly of the thermal environment. It is therefore necessary for the premises to be heated and for the temperature to remain suitable without harmful fumes.

It Will Therefore Be Necessary to Pay

Attention to the equipment you use as well as to include the risks in the single risk assessment document provided for in art r. 4121-1 of the labor code. It is therefore recommended that the heaters be adapted. As for the definition of “extreme cold”, it remains vague because the law does not mention any threshold below which it would be dangerous to work. However, this would be considered at -5°c because the Canadian Hospitals Email List risk would be immediate. Provision of hot drinks installing machines that provide hot drinks may be mandatory in some cases but is simply appreciated by your employees. There is no shortage of businesses where coffee and tea are available and it is now common to offer them.

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Do Not Hesitate to Buy a Few Machines

A central machine for your employees who will surely be delighted with your initiative. Especially if you provide free capsules or the machine does not need them. Portable heaters many companies purchase portable space heaters that use gas, oil, bioethanol or more commonly electricity. And it Asia Email List must be said that the choice is wide and. that you will need to inform yourself about the different types. If you opt for a model, you can choose ecological heaters but you should know. That they often require a complete installation. Some do not hesitate to combine wood, heat pump and solar. Renewable energies remain at the heart of the concerns of many leaders. You can also look at the level of insulation, in order to combine ecology, economy and good temperature.

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