How to Properly Install Your Signage?

Signage, the challenge of erp, requires knowledge of legal obligations but also it must meet specific objectives which are visibility, readability, perception and understanding in order to guide employees and the public within the ‘business. an installation that is therefore not carried out at random but how to optimize its installation? Signage: a question of obligation above all establishments open to the public (erp) are subject to safety and fire-fighting obligations. The evacuation plan for the premises, accompanied by safety instructions, must be displayed and must indicate: evacuation routes to the outside; dams (or cut-off valve) for gas, water and electricity; the location of fire extinguishers and smoke extraction hatches. As a result, signage will play a fundamental role and we offer you a draft of some principles to put in place so that you can think about the device upstream.

You Will Find that It Is Complex

To apply since it is aimed at a wide audience and all the circumstances of professional life. How to get maximum visibility? To obtain the best visibility , it is necessary to group the information and set up signage for reading in a seated or standing position as possible. If the height < 2.20m, you must be Purchasing Directors Email Lists able to approach within 1m. the standardized pictogram must be used when it exists and according to the decree of april 20, the icons or pictograms must be accompanied by written information. Remember to use block letters as much as possible for written information. These should be concise, easy to read and understand. How to get maximum readability? To obtain maximum readability, the following parameters must be taken into account.

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The Information Must Be Concise

Simple and primarily use standardized graphic symbols and pictograms when they exist. It is fundamental to prioritize the information and therefore to establish consistency of all the information. The fonts will be chosen with care for their great readability and will be used in an identical. Way and this in a systematic way throughout. The course (a standard font having readable characters. The same font and the Asia Email List same size of the characters on all the panels. The color code must be homogeneous and continuous throughout the establishment and on all communication media. Currently, only the colors red, green, blue and yellow are easily recognized as meaning prohibition, permission, obligation or danger respectively. However, we advise you to avoid the excessive use of color. The profusion of color codes could make the messages unreadable.

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