Hp Neverstop Laser the Favorite Printer of Heavy Consumers of Office Printing

Professionals in small and medium-sized businesses as well as the self-employed (especially freelancers) are major consumers of impressions. Whether for invoicing, administration, promotion or sales, these professionals are looking for economical and effective solutions; all in an increasingly hybrid and mobile working environment. The choice of equipment, including the printer, is therefore important. According to estelle le peutrec, printing solutions manager at hp france, “in addition to the product’s functionalities, the cost of the equipment, the ease of use and the simplicity of maintenance are the main questions to be asked. Small and medium business professionals and entrepreneurs want to focus on the most productive tasks without the concerns of managing or maintaining computer hardware.

In a Period Marked by Economic Uncertainty

Cost management remains a priority criterion. » a printer adapted to its uses manufacturers have greatly enriched their ranges to meet the different needs of users. Before embarking on the acquisition of a printer, you have to ask yourself about its expectations. For example, there is no point in investing in a single machine capable of printing in volume if you have several users and need to print in different areas Canadian CFO Email List of the company. It is better to invest in several more compact machines. This will also allow your employees not to wait to retrieve their impressions. This can also be useful if you need to print sensitive documents. Think beyond print crucial point to consider: the features. Today, the trend is towards multifunctions that allow scanning, document management, and even remote printing management.

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In an Increasingly Digital World

These functions are of real importance for daily tasks, such as transmitting. Expense reports or sending documents to be scanned to administrations, customers or suppliers. A trend observed by estelle le peutrec. With the hybridization of work and the development of flex-office. Printer connectivity has become essential. The hp smart app is one of the answers we came up with. It enables secure scanning and printing to Asia Email List an hp printer from a mobile device. The application provides access to functions that are essential today, such as the creation of intelligent tasks, the automation of certain processes or even the ordering of cartridges. » thinking about all of these functionalities also makes it possible to reduce the number of devices (scanner, printers, copier) and therefore to reduce costs and the number of software to be installed.

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