Infographic Marketing 3.0 in Numbers

I am offering you today this infographic on marketing 3.0, which covers consumer expectations, their reactions to a crisis situation, as well as the expectations of a company’s employees. The infographic could help you define a good strategy forinbound marketing. Consumers today are mobile, knowledgeable and media savvy. They choose their products knowingly and are interested in those who produce them! Consumer expectations 87% of global consumers believe that companies should at least give the same importance to societal interests as to those of the company. 80% of global consumers think it’s important for companies to share their efforts on societal issues only 6% consider that the only mission of a company is to make profits for its shareholders.

Think It’s Good for Companies

Support good causes while making money. Only 20% of companies in the world are considered to have a significant and positive impact on people’s lives. Consumer activism 90% would boycott a company if they learned of irresponsible business practices. …and more than 55% did so Switzerland WhatsApp Number List in one year (2012-2013). 54% of consumers do not trust brands. 27% believe that consumers themselves can have a positive influence through their purchases. 71% of respondents would help a brand promote its products or services if they serve a good cause. 62% say they use social media to talk to companies about their social responsibility.

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Employee Expectations 54% of Employees

That the purpose of their company is not really related to employees. 81% consider social responsibility to be a decisive criterion when choosing a company. 68% think companies don’t do enough to instill a meaningful purpose in their culture. In short 47% of global consumers buy, at least Asia Email List monthly, brands that support a good cause. The trustmark index outperforms the stock market index by 120% . 53% would not invest in a company that does not actively support a good cause. 91% of global consumers would switch brands if a different brand, at the same price and quality, supported a good cause.

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