Is Seo that Essential Advantages and Disadvantages

The algorithms used by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) take into account more than 200 referencing criteria. The majority of these are directly related to the content, architecture and internal and external links of the site. In order to improve its referencing and develop its activities on the web, any company should implement a global strategy to improve visibility and acquire traffic. This would necessarily go through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a technique for optimizing a website through natural referencing techniques. But what about it? In September 2019, an SEO study was conducted by Rand Fishkin (SparkToro), a panel of 1500 SEOs were interviewed to draw up a list of the elements impacting the positioning of a web page.

Some Disadvantages of Seo

According to the study, here is a top 10 of the most important elements among the 26 determining elements. The relevance of the content of the page The quality of the sites and pages that integrate backlinks The use of expressions and keywords consistent with the queries The perception of expertise, authority and trust in the domain Mobile compatibility Use of keywords that match the query Quantity and Board Members Email List diversity of sites that incorporate backlinks Accuracy of content Links from an authority domain Expertise, perceived authority and trust of the page Some benefits of SEO SEO allows you to permanently benefit from targeted and free traffic It can help you take your share of this mass of targeted and free traffic.

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Seo Does Not Guarantee First Place

You will not need to pay for advertisements (google adwords) to get traffic. The only counterpart remains the payment of the service of the seo referrer. The latter generally justifies its price by the time and the amount spent on optimizing the website. Traffic generated by seo can be converted according to the famous site. The search engine journal, seo generates up to 14.6% conversion of internet users into customers. If someone Asia Email List stumbles upon your site while searching google. They will not only find an instant answer to their question. But also the product or service that can solve their problem. Seo helps increase your business. Seo techniques are often considered essential for obtaining a good position in search engines. An excellent online presence and the long-term increase in the visibility of your company on the internet.

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