Is the Company Stamp Still Relevant

With digitization, massive digitalization and the appearance of electronic signatures, some entrepreneurs do not think of creating a stamp or even several. However, there are many tasks where it may be mandatory, but above all judicious to have one. In other situations it can bring you credibility and finally some where you could save precious time. Reasons to have a company stamp The company stamp, also called stamp, is above all necessary for official company documents such as letters, invoices or quotes. You will therefore sometimes be required to validate a quote or a contract. It may be required in official documents as well as the signature of the manager or manager of the company. Obtaining one remains, beyond other contributions, sometimes an obligation.

Save Time for You and Your Customers

If it is used so much, it is because it brings a certain credibility to your company. The stamp gives credibility to your company outside of the mandatory documents, for example when you affix it to the back of an envelope rather than doing it by hand. It reinforces the official character of your document in a formal way. It is also possible that a supplier or partner asks you to put your stamp on a document in order to COO Email List make it official, because it often contains the Siret number or other official number linked to the administration . The use of the stamp to ventilate the mail is far from being anecdotal, because badly ventilated mail can go astray and if the service is well advertised, the person will return it without making a mistake to the right recipient.

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Mentions to Put on A Company Stamp

Be careful, take legibility into account and preferably apply sufficiently large and bold characters. Or a color such as red so that the recipient(s) are visible at a glance. Save time for you and your customers an ink pad also saves you time. You can put your stamp on many documents in no time, especially Asia Email List for all administrative tasks. It is used as much for sorting documents by date of receipt. Putting all of your information on the back of your envelopes. Dating payments on your invoices, as for numbering documents. The stamp being a communication object in its own right, opt for a personalized stamp to identify your company. This way, you can make it match the image you want your brand to have. You can bring a little touch of originality so that it stands out from that of your competitors.

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