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Benefits of a product service and prepare them for a purchase. If you’ve never creat a sales funnel before or are just learning how learn this top tip from a professional targeting expert. Hello everyone about the project I’m Yuri Rozhestvensky. school on setting up a chatbot on . Selling chatbot courses through websites and webinars is wrong so we decid to build an automat funnel and sell through it. How the Auto-Funnel Works Automatically provides short introductory lessons on how to make a sales funnel in and case  Automatically checks tasks in reviews. Reviews were chosen as a venue to gain social validation of the ne.

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For the profession and to gain viral coverage.  a Bangladesh B2B List marathon funnel on and on the image  For completion we award rankings in the form of grades and bonus rubles which can be us to pay part of the course fees. There will be screenshots and explanations later  If a person does not complete the homework a series of messages will follow him days. We immiately issu a warning grant access for a day and then clos access.  Invite everyone who completes a day to an automat webinar and turn off access for people who are inactive for days and invite them to a webinar. How to make a sales funnel and case funnel scheme in Well to put it simply.

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Now I will tell you in detail how it works.  of Asia Email List master classes. Choose your gift. Choice Tip Think Content Before You Invent Mechanics Even a super-technical funnel would be meaningless. Before preparing the funnel content we sit down with the whole team write a portrait of the target audience develop the course content think about the lead magnets that the funnel participants will receive and only then start thinking through the mechanics. Learn more about lead magnet types examples and their uses here. this is very important Of course.


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