Some Tips to Optimize the Use of E-Mail on A Daily Basis

Within any company, the use of e-mail is of paramount importance on a daily basis. It’s not always easy to know how to get the most out of this mode of communication. However, certain methods make it possible to improve its use. What are the simple and concrete tips to apply to optimize the use of e-mail in your company. Email usage figures statista gives a forecast on the number of emails sent and. Received per day globally and gives a forecast for the further development from 2021 to 2025. About 319.6 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2021. This figure is expected to exceed 376.4 billion in 2025. Professional email professional e -mail continues to gain ground in the business world, both in france and abroad.

Avoid Processing Everything

It is estimated today that 100 billion e-mails are sent every day in the world for professional reasons, and this figure is expected to increase by at least 5% over the next five years. This is the tool most frequently used in private companies. According to recent studies, e-mail represents 78% of exchanges with customers, but also 76% of exchanges between employees of the same company. Facilitating the use of e-mails Ireland Business Fax List therefore becomes a necessity. Tip 1: avoid processing everything consider using explicit titles and clear, concise messages. Also avoid answering all e-mails: a message addressed to you generally requires a response, while a copy is only informative. Finally, asking your employees for a summary of long and important e-mails allows you to better understand the nature of the various exchanges.

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Do Not Systematically Resort to The Use of E-Mail

Organize, file and archive plan time slots in your schedule for viewing emails, applying an action to each: reply, delete, mark for later processing or send a copy to a collaborator. It’s important to get into the habit of sorting your emails into filing folders. A structured organization allows you to find your Asia Email List e-mails quickly, without wasting unnecessary time. Also beware of wanting to print them systematically: this is most often a useless reflex that will harm your productivity.… and to the planet! Finally, it is a good idea to regularly archive your e-mails. This allows you to keep your mailboxes at an acceptable size, making it easier to search and backing up protects you from any unexpected loss due to theft or a computer virus, for example.

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