SP that has additional glitter is also effective

What is most important is the use of the correct jighead.

If the jighead is too heavy, it will dig the bottom. If it is too light, the lure will take too long to reach the bottom.

If you are not sure about choosing the right jighead, read the article on how to choose a jig head for soft plastic lures

What is important, the use of weedless mamsul is mandatory to avoid sakkut.

Our objective in technique is to present soft plastic according to the actual behavior of the animal.

For example, worms cannot swim.

Therefore, you need to give the most natural movement on the base surface

How to do this method?

Cast and wait until the bait falls to the bottom.

The water is clear
The most productive bearded lures in clear water Phone Number List conditions are those that produce a lot of shine.

The willow- shaped fan blades are the best at creating a glow. So use a beard that has one or two of these fans.

Silver or gold colors are also effective in clear water.

spinnerbait fan shape
Notice the difference between the colorado and willow fans . Indiana is a cross between the two.

Conclusion: Choose the best lure that suits the situation
Fishing is actually quite a complex activity.

A true angler not only needs to be good in terms of skills , but also needs to think and study a lot about the behavior of fish.

Think like a fish — The motto by the Storm company is clear.

In fact many other things affect the results such as temperature and air pressure

Phone Number List

It forces us to become ‘scientists’ to find the reason Asia Email List behind our success and failure.

At this time, the fish’s vision is focused on the silloutte color (shadow) because it is clearer in murky water.

Therefore the best colors are dark like black, blue, black neon and junebug.

The water is clear
To maximize catches using soft plastic lures in clear water, choose baits that have natural colors such as green and brown, or colors that closely mimic the prey species.

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