Surface Lure Turbid water conditions

The best gewang surface magabass pop max

In murky water conditions, it is better to choose a surface lure that is ‘noisy’ in its performance.

A popper that has a clear and loud ‘bloop’ sound, or a propeller that has a loud double fan .

This loud sound element will make it easier for the fish to detect the presence of the lure.

In clear water conditions, the softness and smoothness of the lure’s action is key.

The best bets are pencil and popper lures that have more action and water splash than sound

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3. Gewang Soft Plastics
the best gewang color is soft plastic

Turbid water conditions
When using soft plastic lures in cloudy water conditions, the best thing is to choose a bait that has a clear action and has a large profile .

At this time, the fish’s vision is focused on the silloutte color (shadow) because it is clearer in murky water.

Therefore the best colors are dark like black, blue, black neon and junebug.

SP that has additional glitter (glitter) is also effective for reflecting limited light.

The water is clear
To maximize catches using soft plastic lures in clear water, choose baits that have natural colors such as green and brown, or colors that closely mimic the prey species.

the best gewang is soft plastic

Matching the hatch is a very useful concept when the water is clear


SP actions must also be presented gently and convincingly Asia Email List as if they were real live actions.

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4. Gewang Janggut (Spinnerbaits)
beard lureTurbid water conditions
Like other lures, the noisier the beard lure the better in murky water.

The best bearded lures in these water conditions have one or two colorado fan blades , and have a light or dark skirt color.

A colorado fan shaped like a shell will displace more water and produce strong vibrations.

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