The Brief and The Debrief Two Sure Values

The brief and the debrief, a duo that is necessary to measure, assess the scope of our strategies. This pair allows us to get involved to the end and to be lucid about the impacts of our actions and to be able to improve. They are a reflection of what is called experience so necessary not to repeat the same mistakes. The brief and the debrief, we got used to it with the athletes and we often measure the interest. We also train without realizing it to follow them whether before a sporting event or after. The analyzes are sometimes relevant, sometimes not. how to use them within our company or our teams? Brief and debrief are inseparable.

The Brief and The Debrief Never Meetings

Ignoring one or the other or even both is a management error . the brief makes it possible to identify the objectives of a mission, the debrief makes it possible to analyze the positive points and therefore to use them as support for the next mission and the weak points, errors, omissions Austria Business Fax List make it possible to set up processes to avoid duplicating them or turning weaknesses into strengths. The debrief also makes it possible to clear up rumours, misunderstandings, to have an overview and of course to measure the success rate of the action or actions taken and always never forget to congratulate. Thanks to thanks, the team will develop a necessary cohesion also for future projects.

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A Brief Like a Debrief Needs to Be Prepared

The brief and the debrief, never meetings the brief has nothing to do with. A traditional meeting because its duration is short and is based around. A specific action and has its partner the debrief. Like the teams of journalists who gather. Around the editor-in-chief who take stock every morning. Or at the Asia Email List beginning or end of the evening standing up to entrust. Missions but also analyze the return of missions or reports. An entrepreneur has every interest to use this effective mode of communication. It is never a question of remaking the world and of indulging. In moods and emotions: the objective is action for one and feedback for the other or to move on to next step.

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