The Different Types of Bad Business Plans

The business plan is not necessarily the best way to check whether an entrepreneurial project is worth launching. Sometimes it’s even the worst way to embark on an entrepreneurial project. We are going to list here the different types of bad business plan, by category, that is to say those which ultimately do not serve the entrepreneurial cause. The mba business plan or the art of writing it alone write a  business plan takes time. Indeed, an entrepreneur is rarely good at everything and cannot have the technical knowledge on each part of the business plan: marketing, human resources, accounting, finance, strategy, vision. Its writing requires an ability to simultaneously place oneself in the shoes of a marketing product manager, an accountant, a strategy director, a human resources director and a salesperson.

Except for An Mba Student

Who has studied all of these themes, it is not an easy task. Indeed, this requires a certain versatility from the entrepreneur. But the characteristic of a good entrepreneur is not to be excellent in everything but to know how to surround yourself. An entrepreneur who realizes his Forex Email List business plan alone, without asking the opinion of his partners, his team or his employees is on the wrong track! Rely on the expertise of all your employees. A business plan is teamwork! The google business plan (or the absence of confrontation with customers) the business plan, by its written form, can finally force the entrepreneur to stay at home rather than meet his clients. However, what matters in your market research is not what google tells you, it is not the figures found on the internet.

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What Matters Are Your Meetings with Prospects

Your experience with your future competitors, feedback from industry experts. Any business plan, no matter how precise, that only cites references from google searches is a useless business plan. Similarly, a business plan indicating in its market study, that following the sending of a questionnaire 75% of people are ready to buy the solution, does not provide any valid information, the people answering a Asia Email List questionnaire being little involved . the nobel prize in economics business plan (where the calculations are very complex) this is an extremely precise business plan, especially in the financial part. Some entrepreneurs seek to be so precise that they indicate hundreds of hypotheses, write a dozen tabs in excel to demonstrate that they have been very rigorous. Once again, warren buffett is the voice of reason:  “better to be approximately right than precisely wrong.

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