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All traditional means of communication have been disrupted since the pandemic and have forced companies to question their internal and external communication methods. How to get out of this impasse when all the usual strategies, carefully prepared at the end of 2019, are upset? How do you find new ways of communicating that can reach employees and customers? In a context where requests for reservations, orders or services have been canceled one after the other, as the year 2020 progresses, how to bounce back? For each entrepreneur, responsiveness has become the key word and it has been necessary to use new communication channels or simply to favor means that have not been used until now.

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A real craze rituals called into question by confinement in external communication . certain events have been canceled such as trade fairs or conferences in which companies used to present their company and their products or services. The crucial exchange for the development of turnover with VP IT Email List visitors could not take place. Until then. It was a question of building customer loyalty through meetings and appointments and promoting its products live. But in this context. This well-established means was no longer possible for many companies. Showing one’s know-how on the stands but also thanks to sales representatives’ visits has become an obsolete practice.

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In Internal Communication Teleworking and Partial

Unemployment have transformed face-to-face meetings into webinars. The transmission of information virtually or initially exclusively by email has generated many surprises. Sometimes unpleasant for companies. Communication came up against difficulty without having been prepared for it. both Asia Email List for the managers and for the employees. Difficult to manage when your collaborators or heads of department. Whom you had next to you and whom you could solicit when you needed them. Found themselves behind a screen at the other end of the city or hundreds of kilometers away. Here too. it was necessary for managers and human resources to find ways to deal with this change. It was a question of maintaining efficiency. Visibility. credibility and notoriety.

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