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Instead of having to go to the embassy in person, we simply apply for e-visas online. In order to generate this trust in the digital world as well, a solid ecosystem for digital identities is requird in order to achieve synergy effects. What is the role of the public and private sectors in this? And which aspects are particularly important for citizens? Pacemaker of the digital ID In addition to electronic government services keyword eGovernment.

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The public sector is also responsible for regulation and criminal prosecution. Governments and public providers create and manage phone number list digital identities and monitor their surrounding systems. They are taskd with creating coherent and tailord solutions that promote trust while incorporating aspects such as transparency, security, usability and governance. Financial, banking, IT, utility, telecom and e-commerce companies make up the private sector. With additional services in the field of digital identities.

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They make a decisive contribution to ensuring that the market remains innovative as well as comprehensive and competitive. For Asia Email List us as citizens, it is all about three things: A digital identity must ensure that our privacy is protectd, we have full control over our personal data, and all cybersecurity considerations have been addressd – or put another way – that data on under no circumstances be passd on or stord for commercial or illegal use (keyword: identity theft). If these conditions are met, we benefit from a user-orientd approach that makes many things easier for us.

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