The Theory of Available Time and Behavior Dictated by Networks and Media

Information is just a click away and we are tempted by the latest news and even to read it over and over. Some media having specialized in providing the same information every hour, we end up becoming prisoners of information and the scoop. Of course, the confinements limiting us to our homes have led us to devote a lot of time to them and have made us somewhat addicted. More and more criticisms appear on the fact that social media takes up more and more of our time and that there would be a strong risk for our society. The big brother theory has never been as strong as it is today, but why does this theory have something believable and scares more than one person.

The Theory Itself Social Media

Would be more and more time-consuming and would no longer have the simple vocation of being essential tools for better living or working, but of monopolizing more and more of our time. They would ask us more every day and they would be able to take all our available time in the future. This theory leads to think that they could dictate our behaviors to us and that a war would rage between the different Biotechnology Email Database social media to have the best predictive algorithm. This theory puts forward that they would be more and more exact as the compiled data accumulates. Thus, each person would be more and more deprived of their free will by better targeted and accurate solicitations in view of the reaction of all users.

Job Function Email Database

Existing Behavioral Analyzes

This theory has a certain solidity, already because behavioral analyzes. Have been around for a long time and are used in many areas of sales. It is obviously a practice that would be in the continuity. Of what already exists because it is obvious that all the theories on the sale. Imply an influence and not simply the Asia Email List communication of objective information. It also remains obvious that we are more or less sensitive to information. That would be appropriate and that arrives at the right time. This is also the principle of cookies that use your current searches to know. What to present to you and it is clear that the major websites have long taken into account the conversion rate.

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