These Practical Tools to Organize Your Meetings

Entrepreneurs must manage the recovery and set future professional objectives and for this they must bring their teams together to federate them. Today, meetings take place both face-to-face and remotely. Meetings and debriefings are modernized thanks to the Internet and new technologies, both in their development and in their conduct. To make your job easier, start-ups offer platforms and applications to organize your meetings and make them more efficient. Here is a selection of these practical tools. Since teleworkingimposed itself, it is quite obvious that the “acute meetingitis” had to be shelved to allow fruitful exchanges. Employees spent on average more than four and a half hours per week in meetings, or more than 21 days a year, according to a survey published by OpinionWay in June 2017.

Effective Screen Sharing Tools

As for managers, their time is multiplied by two, with six weeks per year. Debriefings that seemed hardly useful and interesting. According to the same source, only 52% of the members of a company considered them to be productive. The executives declared that their concentration begins to Founder Email Lists drop after about fifty minutes, according to a survey carried out by the IFOP in March 2015. 23% of them even lose track after less than thirty minutes, while that only 37% can last more than an hour. Effective screen sharing tools There are many remote screen sharing tools to liven up your meetings. For example Mikogo which in its free version allows you to share your computer desktop with a maximum of 10 participants as well as plan your sessions and make invitations.

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Lumi Brings Together the Members of A Company

Other tools exist such as, Team Viewer, AnyMeeting, Zoom or even Skype. Before selecting them, you will have to see which are the most suitable for your business. Lumi brings together the members of a company Lumi, founded in London in 1991 and headed by Richard Taylor, specializes Asia Email List in real-time audience engagement technology and software. This is to facilitate the organization of general meetings and meetings between members and shareholders of a company. The company’s solutions enable smooth attendee check-in and offer various features. With three objectives: reduce organizational costs, promote participant engagement and save time. The Lumi AGM Mobile application allows efficient elaboration and captivating interaction with the various protagonists.

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