This Year Forget the Good Resolutions

Each end and beginning of the new year is an opportunity for many of us to start by making good resolutions. These resolutions are usually about deciding to drop bad habits or incorporate new behaviors. The first days we try to stick to it but very quickly, despite our good intentions, we return to our initial behavior and our resolutions are good to put away. If you don’t really decide to stick to it, all that happens to you is to make a negative evaluation of your person by bringing you the proof that once again “i am not capable of”. admit that starting the year by lowering your self-esteem is not what you wanted at the start! A matter of motivation in reality, if we do not succeed in keeping our resolutions.

It Is Because They Are only Intentions

Wishes things that we would like, and that they are only guided by intellectual and real motivations. . intentions, in general, lack an essential ingredient for their realization: emotional motivation. So if this year was the opportunity not to make good resolutions or only those that we really Special Trade Contractors Email List care about? Because the secret of change lies at the heart of our motivations, why not replace the list of your good resolutions with motivating goals? As entrepreneurs, the boundaries between personal and professional life are almost invisible. So to start the year off right, i’m offering you a popular tool because it makes it very easy to identify the motivating goals they want to achieve, those that will make a real difference in their lives.

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A Multi-Step Tool as An Alternative

To apply this tool, i invite you to take 10 minutes in peace. Take a sheet of white a4 paper, a pencil, an eraser, and post-it notes. Step 1: prepare your medium draw 2 circles about 4 cm in diameter one below the other the first circle will represent your current life, and the second your desired life. Step 2: visualize Asia Email List yourself today you will now focus on how you distribute the 5 main areas of life in your current life, namely: 1/ moi 2/ my work 3/ but social ways 4/ my couple 5/ my family take the time to position these 5 areas in your current pie chart. Choose the criterion that speaks to you the most. Some will choose the criterion “importance”, others “time”, still others priority.


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