To monitor the working conditions

Necessary pages of your website and will show if the data there are collect correctly and if they are includ in the reports.  that the counter is install correctly and is working properly on all pages important to you See what data the counters collect Check that the data for the check page has enter the report. How to check the operation of the counter attention! If you recently install a counter or chang its code the . The team recommends that you perform a thorough review of its operation. First you ne to go to the counter settings.

Using these tools you can Check

Or follow this link. on your account you will be prompt to select the counter you want to start checking. Tools for checking how your counters are VP Engineering Email Lists doing Next you’ll see a form where you can start checking. Verification can be done in steps. Let’s start with step . Tool to check counter operation A database of over cases and articles about and locat is freely available here. Stage Insert the link of the page you want to check click check and you will be transferr to a separate page. New tool appears in  image no. If the counter code is set correctly then there will be this green notification if the counter is not found there will be no notification. of multiple counters at the same time please use the.

C Level Executive List

If you have more than one counter

Attendance indicators in the counter list Asia Email List as a guide. If statistics are display the counters are set correctly. Example of a tool notification for checking the health of a counter Previously this checking function was perform by a color indicator with an arrow in the overall list of counters and the result of the last automatic check of the counter was display on the page. Now . not only helps to check the counters on the pages designat as site in the counter settings but also allows you to determine whether it is install on all the pages you ne. More than examples and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift. Select the second stage which is the data collection check. In order to check what data is being collect by your counter and if your goal is working.


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