Trends in The Video Conferencing Industry

Today more and more work is done remotely. Teleworking players are constantly innovating and this is particularly true for videoconferencing, which has benefited from major technological developments in recent years. Here are the 5 key trends in 2020 according to lifesize. New sectors affected if videoconferencing is experiencing a real boom in business, which we will see in the next point, it should become widespread in other sectors and in particular telemedicine, architecture and public services. Telemedicine should benefit from cost reductions and increase the level of accessibility for medical teams and patients alike. As for the architecture, it is more the quality of the video and its richness that should impact its use with the exchange of live plans.

For Public Services It Is Easy to Imagine

That it can be used to carry out procedures without having to stand in queues or have to travel. Resulting in a reduction in costs. Employees everywhere if videoconferencing should be us by companies. It is before because of the shortage of talent. Fewer and fewer employees should be HR Directors Email Lists traveling to the company’s premises. Already for cost issues for companies (having premises is expensive) and for employees (travel). on the other hand. Companies have understood that it was a desire of employees to organize their private and professional lives and to access a wealth of talents who wish to create space for themselves to live better. The period of social conflict and transport strikes also favored teleworking. Which is us by 58% of french companies with an average of 1. 5 days a week according to medef and therefore opened up new perspectives since.

C Level Executive List

This New Way of Working Was Tested

Due to travel constraints and highlighted the positive points. Videoconferencing will naturally become a work tool in order to maintain personal ties. Generalization of videoconferencing equipment the transformation of working methods in companies has led to a transformation of equipment. Smaller meeting rooms have become fashionable and benefit from self-contained video conferencing equipment. According Asia Email List to this study “ the hardware-software duo will be more and more popular in the world of videoconferencing. In 2020 and the investments planned by the suppliers will be the proof. The distinction between the two approaches for. Meeting rooms (dedicated equipment or pc type solution extended to the room) will be less pronounced. The model with equipment will again score points thanks to its simplified.

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