Understand the Resistance to Change in Your Company

Change has two facets: fear and hope, which are inseparable for managers and employees. Today, it is part of the dna of all companies which must know how to constantly renew themselves. This always has an impact on employees and that is why it must be anticipat. In order to overcome the resistance to change inherent in any evolution, we must start by identifying it. here is some information that may help you. different degrees of involvement an international survey by the gallup institute shows that only 9% of french employees are really committed to their companies. A figure that requires careful observation. Thus, if we go in depth, we can look at isaac getz, doctor of psychology and management, professor at escp in paris and author of ” freedom inc (l’entreprise libree)”,  according to which there is three employee profiles.

Who Make a Strong Contribution to The Company’s Performance

Who innovate, create value, drive growth. The disengaged, who do the minimum, rather passive and who at the first difficulty, will seek another company. The actively disengag, who are dissatisfied and unproductive, but who also give the company a deleterious climate by the negative impact they have on other employees, who criticize those in charge and deal a fatal blow to projects and initiatives. Individual Engineering Directors Email Lists change an  individual change  often brings a change of environment. It can cause a person to become anxious. Indeed, no longer having the same usual benchmarks, an individual can modify his behavior, even question his activity. In the case of the implementation of new technologies, it is necessary to listen to the employees because often they are afraid of not being up to the task and of letting themselves be overwhelmed by the change.

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It Is Therefore Necessary to Offer Them

Training but listen to their real needs so that they become efficient and not impose an unsuitable training package on them. In the case of an integration, a manager must help the new employee to integrate his team well. It can start with a presentation, to better relax the atmosphere. Don’t put too Asia Email List much pressure on them at first, let them adjust at their own pace. The collective change employees within a company share the same values. When a change happens, your employees feel a collective fear, which is often a source of destabilization within the organization . this is why you must imperatively reassure them before announcing it. to help employees better cope with changes in their environment, you should organize a meeting. Give free speech to each of them.

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