Use All Communication Channels

Four billion people use social media worldwide, according to we are social singapore and hootsuite. Facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram… so many assets for the business world. Entrepreneurs are well aware that their presence on these new media allows them to forge close ties with their customers, but also to attract new customers, seduce shareholders and potential investors. How to boost your visibility on the main social networks? We are social and hootsuite have collaborated on this new edition of the digital report 2021 to make it optimal. Their study on the use of social networks, the key figures, the different uses, the time spent on the internet, or the favorite online activities of internet users give us an overview of their impact.

French People Are on Social Networks

A figure that speaks for itself and therefore of the interest in using them effectively. The key figures of the digital report 2021 are very significant: 91% of the french population has internet access in 2021 (59.47 million internet users), which is 2.5% more than last year. 75.9% of the population are active Chairman Email Lists on social media, representing 49.6 million active users and a 12.8% increase from last year. Particularly interesting statistic: 96.1% of active users of social networks connect from a mobile and therefore we can see that it has become a communication toolessential and therefore can promote the development of a company by increasing its visibility.

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How to Use These Means of Communication

Install chatbots? These virtual programs are able to chat, respond to requests and render services. They are used by the biggest platforms like facebook, we chat or skype. This software can prove to be an effective solution for offering personalized and rapid help to internet users without having Asia Email List to develop its recruitment. The benefits for businesses are substantial. This allows a permanent presence on messaging platforms, direct conversion with customers and interaction 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and therefore respond to the rhythm of life of each segment of the population. Highlight stories the stories of snapchat, instagram or even facebook have been multiplying for several years.

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