Visibility on The Web the Importance of General Conditions of Sale

The general conditions of sale (cgv) gather the commercial information concerning a product or a service. By signing them, few entrepreneurs know to what extent certain rules can have a lasting effect on the life of their business. Vigilance is required! The general conditions of sale (cgv) differ according to the nature of the customer. -the gcs are mandatory when the offer of goods or services is addressed to consumers, in the context of b2 c relations. – the gcs are optional between professionals, in the context of b2 b relations, but must be able to be communicated on simple request. Case 1: for b2 c: mandatory provision of the t&cs to the consumer client. In general, they are inserted in the general conditions of sale: identity of the seller, description of the product or service, price, guarantees and remedies, etc.).

It Is Mandatory to Communicate

The t&cs for the seller. Failing this, he is liable to penalties such as cancellation of the contract and/or an administrative fine of up to €15,000. the law nevertheless provides for a specific system of mandatory gcs in the context of distance selling (sale by mail order or electronically). Case 2 for b2 c: mandatory VP Communications Officer Email Lists information in the gcs the essential characteristics of the good or service; the price and its components, if applicable, or the price calculation elements; the delivery time ; the legal guarantees of conformity and hidden defects; the procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal if applicable; the means of recourse available to the consumer in the event of a dispute. Attention ! It is mandatory to inform the consumer about the identity and contact details of the seller.

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In E-Commerce the Practice Imposes

The insertion of a page of specific legal notices. Which can however appear in the general conditions of sale. It is also necessary in the case of the express waiver of the right of withdrawal. To inform the customer in the gtc. Case 3: in store pre-contractual information must be communicated “in a readable and understandable manner”. In a store. The t&cs appear on various media such as price labels. Etc.). case 4: online sales the law stipulates the methods of communication of the gcs in the context of online sales. The legal provisions require the Asia Email List professional e-merchant to allow. The consumer customer to keep and reproduce the general conditions of sale online. In other words. It must be able to save and print them. The mandatory gcs must be accessible to the buyer directly and before the conclusion of the contract.

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