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You will ne types of scripts  in the article I will show how you can build this script. Scripts for working with the client base It is obligatory to collect the client base. If you can’t afford the system then at least add all the leads to the Google table – both those who bought and those with whom they only communicat. Repeat sales They give an average of up to % profit. Resuscitation of potential customers That is scripts of communication with those who appli for a long time and never made a purchase.

Processing an incoming request Later

I had a case when we receiv % of sales from VP Risk Email Lists the resuscitation of the base. an incoming request in correspondence Often managers answer this question “To get to know each other and identify the ne.” But there is no result in this goal. next Our Goal Selling EITHER .. INTERCEPTION AND QUESTIONS In the figure you can see an example of a sales script for a manager. See what happens We ask the client questions to clarify the request but we make sure to explain why we’re asking all of this. Depending on the specifics of your business the questions may vary.

C Level Executive List

Algorithm of the script for processing

It is often important to ask what the client Asia Email List wants and what he wants to achieve. If the customer declines to answer a question we will charge a fee but please make sure to ask the question at the end so that the next step is clos Sales Script in Quotation Manager Letter Example Template In the previous step we figur out the request and now we can make a quotation. Purpose of this stage to communicate the value of the product so that the customer has no doubts that he nes to buy it How does the argument resolve my objection.


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