What Trading Platforms Are Available in France

It is sometimes difficult to choose an online trading platform as the choice is dense. However, some platforms are neither accessible nor authoriz to french traders. How do you know which tool to use to trade online legally and securely? Thanks to a stock market comparator , it is easier to make the right choice of platform! Admiral markets admiral markets is a broker authoriz by the amf, since it is a european broker. However, admiral markets is not regulated by the amf but by the fca. being regulated by england, admiral markets is authoriz to offer all of its services in france. It is a reliable and experienced broker, existing for almost 20 years. To use it, it is necessary to make a minimum deposit of 100 euros for a cfd account and 1 euro for a securities account.

Avatrade Avatrade Is a Broker Authorized

To offer its range of services in france. Avatrade is a european broker, authorized by the amf. there is therefore no risk to invest if you want to go through avatrade! Today, avatrade is regulated by various organizations and in particular the irish central bank. Because the broker is regulat in ireland – and therefore in europe – avatrade is authorized to offer its trading services in france. Vantage fx vantage fx is not a VP Audit Email Lists european broker, so it is neither authoriz nor regulat by the amf. it is regulat by the australian regulator asic as well as cima, the financial markets regulator in the cayman islands. Vantage fx therefore has no company in france, it is a platform only install in australia. However, even though vantage fx is not allow to advertise its services in europe.

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French Clients Have the Right to Use Vantage

Fx of their own free will. They can therefore open an account, and start using the services of vantage fx. moreover, a lot of european clients went to vantage fx after the esma regulation. E toro all services offered by the e toro platform are supervis by the amf in france. However, relations Asia Email List between e toro and the regulator in france have not always been good, with reports recently strained. The reason ? An overly large, almost ubiquitous advertising campaign. Many personalities have been ambassadors for the platform, advertising the brand on different channels. The autorité des marchés financiers then took over and introduced new regulations. No more excessive advertising and a much more regulated presence in france following the intervention of the amf.

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