Why Favor Public Transport to Get to The Office

When it comes to getting to work, the same question comes up: car or public transport? In île-de-france, there are nearly 41 million trips per day, 20% of which are provided by public transport (i.e. 8.3 million), according to the huffington post. Occupying an essential role in the environment and in public health, public transport remains, as far as possible, to be favoured. A positive impact on the environment you don’t have to be an environmental activist to take action for the environment. By opting for public transport to get to work, you will play an  eco-responsible role . did you know that a bus, in addition to being able to carry more people, emits seven times less greenhouse gas per hour and per passenger than a car? Something to do good for our planet.

In the Same Spirit a Tramway Consumes

Fourteen times less energy. Take them without hesitation! A time saver compared to the car? Before borrowing the car to go to work, ask yourself if it is a time saver in terms of travel? In cities where traffic is heavy, this means of transport can waste more time than if you took public transport. Traveling by vehicle in paris and its ring road represents, for example, a real test! Public transport is then a real alternative AT&T Email List and allows a significant saving of time. During rush hours, be aware that a bus can carry up to 65 people and a metro can carry up to 1,000 passengers. The calculation is quickly done ! Save money opting for public transport rather than the car has another advantage: that of saving money over the long term. 

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You Will Be Able to Take Public Transport

Whenever you want and will not need to pay a ticket each time. Don’t forget to renew your subscription every year. Note that the cost of an average home-to-work journey is three euros for a car and 0.86 cents for public transport, according to la tribune. Something to save money! Promote physical activity Asia Email List this factor may not immediately come to mind, but taking public transport allows you to have physical activity during the day and sometimes more than you can imagine! Going from metro to metro can be a real olympic ordeal. The route taken will tend to bring you closer to the recommended 10,000 steps per day. during peak hours, it is also quite rare to have a seat. So you mostly stay standing, which works your muscles and burns calories.

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