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Two aspects are important here: On the one hand, the better utilization of existing mobility offers, on the other hand, their even closer connection in order to achieve higher CO2 savings overall. “Of course, we have also set ourselves the goal of electrifying our vehicle fleet. By 2025, for example, we want 50 percent of our vehicles, taxis and ride vehicles to be emission-free,” says Hädicke. By 2030, this should apply to 100 percent of the entire fleet.

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We are also providing financial means for this – around 100 million euros, to support the taxi drivers in the changeover,” he adds. More Latest Mailing Database micro-mobility options and the mobility budget for workers The range of cheap and emission-free e-scooters, e-bikes and e-mopds is also to be expandd. “The majority of our users would like more micro-mobility options – including companies that want to use e-scooters and e-bikes more.” The mobility budget introducd at FREE NOW a year ago, which improves the mobility of employees.

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Also offers an interesting option for employers should promote. “It can be usd flexibly, which means I can use it both for the way to work Asia Email List and for my private tours – for example for driving to the supermarket with the e-scooter. It is valid throughout Germany and I do not have to pay in advance. Instead, I have a new budget from my employer in my app every month,” explains Hädicke. 9-euro ticket ensurd positive synergy effects Konrad Hädicke also sees the 9-euro ticket usd by millions of citizens in the summer as a positive signpost for the future. “It has been shown that a ticket for local transport that is valid nationwide and can be bookd digitally promotes mobility.

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