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Put in it More than cases from different fields are waiting for you in the link. free. For step-by-step instructions on how to write a case study let’s look at the chunks a case can contain. . INTRODUCTION ABOUT YOU Introduce yourself and tell us briefly about yourself – how long have you been in this industry and what tasks are you good at. In short – – sentences max. Example I am an Object Scientist with + years of experience in various fields. After the presentation you can make a short teaser with the coolest results from the case you describe.

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Example In this case I will tell you howin a Argentina WhatsApp Number List highly competitive field even though the whole world was against me. . Here you can tell about the customer Company name if the customer allows it. Project link if shareable Niche area where it works Important details about the company big/small how many people are on the team how long the company has been public. If it’s a big well-known company then the name will suffice. No ne to say who and who. The item’s unique selling point   if there is anything that sets the item apart from competitors. project. Example My name is Yevgenia Kolodko. My commercial project is a hotel in the village of Lazarevskoye. Only double and triple rooms with a summer terrace m from the sea.

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The competition in the niche market is Asia Email List had  subscribers but not a single sale. My target audience – year old women people who like quiet rest tourists outdoor lovers – with mountains nearby peaceful elderly couples marri couples. I have a community. Static cover with no menu blocks none in group descriptions. Start planning a group I organiz it like this % discount for early booking air-condition room minutes walk to the beach. Read the case in full. . Tasks Write down the tasks request by the client it is necessary to recruit subscribers to the group increase sales or receive applications from.


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