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Don’t let chatting get out of hand you can create a lively community of lights.  when it comes to building a community. In a channel you broadcast to your target audience share your opinion and people react or comment on what you tell them but horizontal connection building is worse than chat. However the channel is good for one-way broadcasting and chat is better if you want a community where people.

In general Telegram chat has an advantage

Can share experiences with each other.  example Nicaragua B2B List working target scientists. event organizer. Experts opinion leaders. We can organize chats in  and people will get invit by filling out surveys. In this way we will bring together a community of experts where we can discuss issues of the industry. Multiple case studies and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift. Opt for very fast communication In chat the moment a person can quickly get answers to their questions from experts attracts subscribers. Additionally you can organize support chats and offload support services during meetings. In the chat you can answer.

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Typical questions from your subscribers. Or Asia Email List it’s handy to meet them in person to clarify details. Subscriber work with chat correctly subscribers will write content themselves sharing their discoveries and thoughts. You will continue in the moderator role. Can be us to analyze target audience This is a great tool to help you figure out what is hurting your target audience. For example you can collect chats of psychologists where they discuss their existing problems. You can use content topics or write the correct call in your ad. You Can Raise Awareness Yes constant chat.


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