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Our profits Bargaining power of buyers Let’s come back to look at the side of the people who buy our products, how many are there? How many orders are there each day, each month, each year? How much money or effort will we have to spend in order to attract customers from competitors? If we have quite a few real customers on hand. Customers have the right to negotiate prices or ask for special offers with us. But if we have more customers on hand, we have more control over this area. The threat of other substitute products Sometimes other substitutes are available in the market.

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For example, our company does Marketing Bahrain B2B List Automation Software, but installing the whole system is quite expensive. Customers may look for cheaper alternatives on the market that offer similar functionality. Or even do it yourself in the company by a team of only a few people. Including outsourcing may be more appropriate. Threats from new competitors How much are weIn doing business, there are often many factors that affect both positively and negatively on our business. that we ne to consider before executing any business plan There are both internal factors as well as external factors. PESTEL Analysis is the analysis of external factors that affect our organization and business.

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Which reflects both obstacles and Asia Email List opportunities for doing business, consisting of factors in various areas as follows: Political (P) Political factors that affect and business opportunities such as government policies. political stability political corruption International TraValue Proposition is the value proposition that a brand or business delivers to its customers. that must be unique and different from other competitors That results in the question of why customers buy products or services.


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