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Where the ad will appear or click Specify on Map to select a location on the map from the menu and set the radius. attention!  Now able to specify exact location.  image  Right now precise location targeting is only available for text and image ads but the team plans to use it for other types of campaigns in the future. Author Julia Tverdoch Loeb More than cases and select master classes. Choose your gift. Select the hashtag Contextual Advertisement Did you like this material Share it with your friends on social networks.

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Tags Target Ads Did you like this material Chief VP Compliance Email Lists networks! How To Create A Group On Behalf Of A Group How To Set Bid Adjustments Traffic – –  Previously I explain what bid adjustments are what they do and function. Let’s talk about bid adjustments and how to set them. go!  There are the following types of bid adjustments By Gender By Age By Device By Display Time By Region. Now for a quick rundown of each whether it applies how to set the adjustments only for manual policies! . Gender adjustment Personally.

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I don’t know the experience of other Asia Email List experts this adjustment is mostly not helpful even bas on massive data. No matter how many times go down because of it but just the lead and it turns out the scope was just cut. Use it or not it’s up to you!  I’ve attach a screenshot of the settings Bid adjustment image  Bid adjustment image  . Age adjustments Also on gender they don’t work either. Even if you are % sure that conditional pensioners will not use your services. I recommend not touching them either but that’s up to you!  Screenshots of Settings Bid Adjustment Image  Bid Adjustment Image  Bid Adjustment Image  + examples and curat masterclasses. Choose your gift.


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