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Had to live in a city of over million be interest in comy clubs and subscribe to specific stand-up comians across various social networks. reach  users. And that number seems too big for advertisers. With the help of the parser  potential customers were select by subscribing to the clarification of the stand-up comian’s groups and events. Here perhaps too many relevant audiences were cut from the sample. When using a data management platform all parameters in the request are consider including the interests.

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Of the user and the groups they belong to. additional Partners Email Lists match to remove all inanimate and abandon accounts from the database. As a result  suitable users were collect. After the base plac the advertisement the click-through rate increas by . times. Let’s demystify the results of the other cases – One of them succe in increasing the conversion rate by . %; – On the other hand the cost of customer acquisition was ruc by . %; – The third advertising budget was ruc by %. Many clients see a data management platform as the right tool for large.

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Companies with big budgets.  size of the Asia Email List company but the specifics of the target audience for the product. Do you ne to use a data management platform If you’re not sure if it’s right for your project here’s a small checklist to help you decide. All statements must be answer yes or no . You are a digital agency Advertise on multiple social networks The advertising campaign budget starts from  rubles per month In addition to sociodemographic information the behavioral characteristics of your audience are also important to you. If three out of four is right for your situation feel free to use a data management platform. Arm with new techniques to gain deeper insight into your audience’s fears and desires the effectiveness of.


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