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For customers Valuable, able to deliver benefits to customers creatively different Why should customers buy from you? Why not buy from competitors? And when you can create a Value Proposition, it can be written in text and us in various mia. That customers can see clearly, such as websites, social mia, various forms of advertising .  Value Proposition is not a slogan and is not a Positioning Statement. ” Gray Arrow Value proposition writing is mostly written in text in the form of headlines, subheadings, and short paragraphs that may include images.

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Headlines Headlines offer customers Dominican Republic Email List the benefits of a short summary sentence. This may be about the strengths of the product or the results that the customer will receive. the two together. subheading subheading or a short paragraph (Sub-headline Paragraph) Describe what the product can satisfy customers. product target group or benefits that customers will receive Image (Visual) The use of images to show results or benefits from using the product. “Writing a value proposition requires you to answer these questions.” What product or service are you selling? What is the ultimate benefit to the customer.

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What is your unique difference? Good Asia Email List Characteristics of Value Proposition differentiation strategy It is another strategy that has begun to be widely us. The word difference has many perspectives. But if there is a valuable difference, it would be inevitable that the word innovation (Innovation), which if any company can bring innovation to use in various processes in the production of products or services. It will create an opportunity for an immiate competitive advantage. For products that are outstanding in presenting innovations that we often see It’s brands of mobile phones, computers, cars, electrical appliances such as Apple, BMW, Samsung.


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