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Very profitable Learn a new profession. Then everything stopp. Becoming the heyday of storytelling. The first story experiment was made public in  when they wrote the beginning of the story and then add a click and read more button. The man hit the button and went out to the public he finish reading it and receiv some more content.  2010 and this has produc results. Then the audience got tir of the same type of story that everything sucks and then I got train and start investing in weight loss and everything was fine. What are you doing now In short authentic transparent and high-quality content.

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The volume of content per minute of Brazil B2B List user time has increas significantly. We are all fighting for the attention of our customers and whoever can write an advertising post with respect to the audience and not a text in the spirit of how business wins the battle . be true and the ads didn’t work. Here’s how it works. How to write sales posts to sometimes boost returns  openness I’ll show you with an example. Our clients are engag in subletting they tell how they make money by renting out their apartments long-term and by the day. On the subscription page they write You will learn how to earn 10000 rubles from scratch in a month. Subscription not convert. Why Because it’s a really big commitment but people don’t believe it’s possible. What did they do They just chang numbers.

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We read the reviews calculat how much Asia Email List you can actually start earning in a month and the result is ten thousand rubles. Here are the numbers they wrote. The application was successful. It works because people are engag believe in the product and become interest in the product. in conclusion. Don’t overestimate numbers. Write it as it is. If your course has one student please write that number. Not to mention tens of thousands of graduates. It’s better to write that you don’t recruit large teams but prefer to invest in the individual work of each team. If you are selling training without employment please stop.


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