Technological and market competition

How much are we immune from new competitors in the market? The technology we have is good enough to beat the competition or not. If competitors can access technology like us So how do we have different points or strengths to create competitive advantage? We have Know how that competitors do not have. How much capital do we have to manage the business? In doing business, there are often many factors that affect both positively and negatively on our business. that we ne to consider before executing any business plan There are both internal factors as well as external factors. PESTEL Analysis is the analysis of external factors that affect our organization and business.

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Which reflects both obstacles and Germany Email List opportunities for doing business, consisting of factors in different areas as follows Political (P)SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning technique relat to business competition. To identify strengths (Strengths), Weaknesses (Weaknesses), Opportunities, and Threats to know who we are. Where are our strengths? What are our weaknesses? What are the opportunities in the market? And what are the obstacles or threats in our business? SWOT Analysis is an analysis of both internal and external factors that affect our business.

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That every business should give priority Asia Email List to Internal environment of the organization (Internal) Strengths (Strengths) Advantages resulting from internal factors. It is an advantage that arises from the internal environment of the company, such as financial strength. Manufacturing advantage HR advantages Weaknesses: Weaknesses result from internal factors. It is a problem or defect caus by the company’s internal environment, such as lack of funds. Policy and direction Uncertain service or unqualifi personnel Organizational environment (External) Opportunities result from the company’s favorable external environment.


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