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Comes almost by himself and makes him sell. a longer warm-up. impossible gram crop Here’s an example of working with a client. In January tens of thousands of rubles were spent on the channel. and receiv applications in the amount of rubles. month they spent rubles. And receive an application the fee is in rubles. Almost sold very good leading price. At the same time the maximum conversion rate given by this channel is on average . The Channel Expert’s Conclusion You can get leads but very few sales. Average conversion rate. The channel offers deals from an economical niche or well-known brands with an average bill. The problem I’m having when using channels is a bug in the geotargeting operation.

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They made commercials for Moscow but the Nepal WhatsApp Number List shows went all over Russia. I have to restart the activity or add all russian cities to the exception.  well in the funnel. Telegram has become the main source of furniture traffic at present. But if you work in a city with fewer than 10000 people you may not find a place to stay. Next let’s talk about ad format tailoring and targeting in . These specialists get paid by unscrewing tens of thousands of rubles in the channels. This is the result of months of work. How to promote furniture and promote kitchen customers work in the field of custom kitchens in the mid-middle segment. s rubles. Check for thousands of rubles. GeoMoscow increases the traffic of news and quizzes.

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All applications are consider applications. Channel Asia Email List advantage a lot of traffic. In Moscow and St. Petersburg you can budget up to 10000 rubles. Quick start every month. You can get a lot of leads quickly with up to 10 leads in a day. Advantages over goals it takes time to pass the review test the audience optimize the campaign In the advertising post you can show photos videos of the visual kitchen. Example of a channel ad banner How to promote furniture and Promote a kitchen The body of the announcement consists of 4 parts or action Appeal to the target.


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