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Will be your responsibility to generate it. The packag project looks like this. Product Brand Community Packaging Collaborate with Marketplace Here are some examples of content we have prepar for lingerie brands. ooperation with the market Please note In the market we always deal with the product and the product is sold with cool visuals to convey its benefits. You can’t advertise without a serious product photo shoot. Start Gathering Base When a community is creat from the ground up it nes to be fill with a target audience. For this task the best conditions for the contest mechanism are liking the contest post and subscribing. 

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To the community. Ideas on what to post Germany B2B List in an content is on this page. An example of a contest we held for the lingerie brand community Product Brand Community Packaging Collaboration with the Marketplace Sweepstakes Sets of Underwear Age Women Interest in Shoes Clothes and Accessories Target Audience Tens of Thousands run wide. This competition has achiev very good results. We spent rubles. and receiv subscribers the subscription fee is about rubles. The cost of one click is rubles. This is another example of brand competition in the market. Note that the results might not be as impressive but still good. For example when promoting a brand of dresses we ran a contest targeting a 12-year-old female audience but also. 

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A wider audience with shoes clothing and accessories as points of interest. As a result we spend rubles and get click rubles. is about rubles. Multiple case studies and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift. Choosing what doesn’t work warming up in the chatbot Next we decid to use the funnel in the chatbot to warm up the audience. For Asia Email List example for an underwear project we creat a bot that could ask questions and help choose underwear by size. Small batch test results are very weak. Viewers enter the funnel slowly because the visuals are enough to make them buy right away. Conclusion If you have a clear. 


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