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There are two types of buyers of beauty products and . same brand focusing on different parts of your target audience.  beauty salons. Like any entrepreneur they want to invest less in their business while making more profit. For them the announcements include how new products can ruce the working hours of masters how profitable new formulas are and how novelties in product lines will help attract and retain visitors to salons. Oddly customers are more actively subscribing to the makeup brand’s profile and becoming active followers commenting on posts liking and interacting with each other.

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The segment consists of women artisans CMO Email Lists and hairdressers who want to use salon products at home. They were interest in the more appli topics of the post how to color on gray hair what dyes to go gray blonde the best way to revive split ends how to get the tone exactly when dyeing. Typically such customers do not subscribe to that profile but go to it to make purchases. But  and necessary posts. More than examples and a selection of master classes. Choose your gift. Choose content that uses a different format Videos add life to the fe help to make users fall in love with the brand confirm expertise make them want to try the product.

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Ad gather maximum reactions. Post Asia Email List videos with product reviews tell and show how to use them film expert interviews. Of course the demonstration effect here comes from the rules for the use of funds. Cosmetics Case Promotion For more community promotion and advertising ideas please refer here. Introduce the audience to the product and its benefits in a short clear and entertaining manner. This format is aim at an apathetic audience. Use pop music keep in mind aesthetics high-quality shots and sell words in descriptions. Content to.


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